Jay I. Kislak FoundationKislak Prize Past Winners

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  1. Mohínas de la Inquisición
    Eugenio A. Alonso López (bio), University of Miami

  2. ¡Viva España! ¡Muera a autonomía! Cuban Liberalism, Slave Emancipation, and the Limits of Loyalty
    David Sartorius (bio), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  3. Más allá de una capitulación: el gobierno de Santiago de Cuba y la pérdida de La Habana, agosto - septiembre de 1762
    Pablo J. Hernandez Gonzalez (bio), Universidad de Puerto Rico

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  1. Control, Contraband, and the Lure of the Devil’s Weed: Two Centuries of Tobacco Regulation and its Circumvention, 1600s - 1700s
    Charlotte A. Cosner (bio), Florida International University

  2. Spirits and Spirituality: Alcohol In Caribbean Slave Societies
    Frederick H. Smith (bio), University of Florida

  3. The Bat and the Guava: Life and Death in the Taino Worldview
    Maria Poviones-Bishop (bio), Florida International University

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  1. Re-Interpreting the Role of the Cultural Broker in the Conquest of La Florida, 1513-1600
    Mr. Francis Luca (bio), Florida International University

  2. Witness to Empire and the Tightening of Military Control: Santa Elena's Second Spanish Occupation, 1577-1587
    Dr. Karen Paar, UNC-Chapel Hill

  3. Creating Good Catholics: Francisco de Pareja's Wrtings and Conversion in La Florida
    Dr. Mauricio D. Rivero, Florida International University
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  1. The Penalties of Freedom: Punishment and the "Rule of Law" in Post-Emancipation Jamaica
    Diana Paton, Yale University

  2. Creek Indians Coalescence on the Fringe of Spanish Florida
    Joseph Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  3. Edwin F. Atkins and the Evolution of American Cuba Policy: 1894-1902
    Christopher Harris, Harvard University
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  1. No More Negotiation: Slavery and the Destabilization of Colonial Hispaniola's Encomienda System
    Lynne Guitar (bio), Vanderbilt University

  2. Peddling the Gospel: Alonso de Sandoval's Merchant Initiative in Seventeenth Century Cartagna
    Mayra Beers (bio), Florida International University

  3. The Ironic Career of Zephaniah Kingsley
    Daniel L. Fountain, University of Mississippi

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  1. "Honor is Life": Military Reform and the Transformation of Cuban Society: 1753-1796
    Dr. Marianne Sherry Johnson (bio), Florida International University
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  1. Storm Winds That Fulfill His Word: Tempests, the Jesuits, and the Evangelization of Florida, 1566-1572
    Frank Marotti, Jr., University of Hawaii-Manoa

  2. The Encomienda in New Spain (1524-170): Spanish Utopia or Indian Nightmare?
    Andres Ramirez, Barry University

  3. Ethnic Groups and Class in an Emerging Market Economy: Spaniards and Minorcans in Late Colonial St. Augustine
    Dr. James G. Cusick, University of Florida-Gainesville