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Myths and Dreams
Cultural Readings:
Spanish Representations of the New World

Catalog of a 1997-98 exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, presenting books and manuscripts from the Kislak Foundation collection, including original printings of works by Columbus, Cortés, Las Casas and many others. With a focus on colonial Mexico, the discovery and colonization of Florida and colonial America, the exhibition looked closely at some of the ways in which the Spanish imagined and recorded their experiences among the peoples of the New World.

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  1. Foreword & Acknowledgments

  2. New Places, New Peoples

  3. Power & Possession

  4. Preaching & Teaching

  5. Representations

  6. Retrospective Views

  7. Space

  8. Time

  9. Manners & Customs

  10. The Material Past